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Micro Email Ads knocks out the time consuming chore of receiving 100's of email ads that typically come from just one mailer site alone. With Micro Email Ads, you'll only receive 1 to 4 (max!) email ads a day, and you can still send your email ads to all members, everyday. How easy is this? Very easy and you get unlimited traffic all day for free. This is a totally new technique of getting your email advertising, getting traffic through a "traffic exchange" AND making the bucks $$'s without so much time consuming effort.
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- You only receive 1-4 emails a day (not 100's!)
- Using Micro Email ad technique, cut OUT the email ad load
- Get unlimited visitors
- No "surf ratio's"
- No "credit" assigning
- No limit on Traffic
- Not a time consuming task
- Make a ton of cash telling others!

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