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The Enchiridion

The Enchiridion

Or The Handbook

by Epictetus

"We are disturbed not by events, but by the views which we take of them." Born in 55 AD, the Greek Stoic Philosopher Epictetus overcame slavery and a crippling injury to become one of the greatest minds of his age. The Enchiridion (or "Handbook") is a classic philosophical text that collects Epictetus' core ethical teachings. Though there is no record of his actual writing, his pupil Arrian was able to compile this distillation of Epictetus spoken oratory. The text that remains offers a keen understanding of his thought, and has preserved one of western philosophy’s brightest minds for generations to come.

A true guide for living, August 29, 2008
Reviewer: nathanro
I am a Law of Attraction Life Coach and Mentor, and I have read and done prety much everything I could find.

I have to say, the approach here is amazing, the way to get rid of the ill feelings from the source is astounding.

This has truly changed me, and I believe that it will change many that listen to it

Nathan Romano
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