3 wishes from a Genie Funny

A man was walking along the beach when he found an ancient bottle. 
When he rubbed the bottle, a genie appeared. 
The genie told him that he would grant him three wishes but that his mother-in-law would get twice as much as he asked for.
"What's with that?" the man asked.
"That's the way it has to be", answered the genie.
So the man said "OK, give a million dollars". "Fine" says the genie. 
He gave the man a million dollars and the mother-in-law received 2 million .
Seeing how this was going, the man said OK, give me a big house with a pool, tennis court, bowling alley, movie theater a Bentley in the garage. 
 The genie said "It's done" and the mother-in-law received 2 of the same.
Then the genie said " OK, that's two wishes what's the last one?"
"OK, then why don't you just beat me half to death!!

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