Expert Decorating Tips From Avant Garden

Here are some of our best tips from the pros when
it comes to decorating your yard or garden.

There are many dos and don’ts when it comes to garden décor, especially in the planning phase. Believe it or not, landscape experts tell us the first thing you should do when planning to create an outdoor landscape or living area is to decide what hardscaping elements you’d like to add.

Do you want to add a water element, such as a pond, fountain, or bird bath? Perhaps you’re envisioning stone work to create a wall or pathway.

expert tips for outdoor decoratingOther hardscaping elements you should consider include trellises, arbors, and/or obelisks. Decorative floor planters, baskets stands, or various specialty planters could also be part of your plan and allow you to add décor, while keeping a consistent theme throughout. You may also consider having a vegetable garden in your plan – this would be a good time to include that as well.

Focus, focus, focus. Develop a focal point for your outdoor living area. You want the attention to be on one main element, but surrounded by other complimentary sub-elements.

Make sure your hardscape flows well. Don’t add items that appear unnatural or out of place in your layout.

Be certain hardscape items you add are proportionate to the space available and your surroundings. For example, don’t use large rocks in a small yard – they’ll stick out like a store thumb.

grassy areas
Do leave some grassy areas if you have pets or children to consider. These areas are important to them for play time or just to simply relax in the warm sun.

Add variety, but add it tastefully. You don’t want a hodge-podge of colors and textures. Choose a two or three color-theme with a few one textured pieced thrown in to compliment the overall look.

If things get too overwhelming or you feel you just need a second opinion, consult a landscape expert at your local nursery or at one of many online gardening sites. They can offer some good advice without having to hire someone. Also, don’t bit off more than you can chew. Consider your skills and abilities when designing your outdoor living area layout plan.

Last but certainly not lease, remember whatever hardscape elements you choose, make sure you have the appropriate materials to secure them in the case of any-weather occurrences. These materials are important – you don’t want to jeopardize all your hard work or the money you spent.

Take your time in the beginning to make it right, and you’ll be pleased with the results!

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